Hankyu-Japanese Half Archery-

Matsumoto HANKYU

Japanese Half Archery in Matsumoto Nagano


is a mini archery that sits and shoots.
The distance to the target is 7m.
Shoot 10 arrows and compete for how many points you can score.
Anyone can do it!
10 shots 400 yen
From 4:00PM to 9:00PM

What is Hankyu?

There were many Hankyu places in Japan
until around 100 years ago.
But only few places in now,
"Hankyu" is forgotten culture.
We use little short bow compared to "Kyudo"
And shoot for target 7m away
The most important is get high score!
The black dot in the center is 10 points
As you go outside,8 points,5 points,3 points